R-Ladies Baltimore Leadership Team

Stephanie Hicks

Stephanie Hicks | Hello! I work at the intersection of data science and health as an Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. In 2018, I co-founded R-Ladies Baltimore with Alexis Norris and today I help co-organize R-Ladies Baltimore events! I work to made these spaces more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive. 🌱

Margaret Taub

Margaret Taub | I am an Associate Scientist in the Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics where I collaborate with scientists working to understand the genetics and genomics of chronic pain, cardiovascular disease and asthma, among other things. I also teach a large undergraduate biostatistics course, mainly to students studying public health, and a couple of smaller courses on R programming and data analysis. I have been a co-organizer of R-Ladies Baltimore since 2018 and love meeting people from all over the world who share an interest in R!

Rachael Workman

Rachael Workman | I am a PhD candidate, soon to be Postdoc, at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studying how bacteria protect themselves from viruses. I largely learned R on the job through working in a genomics lab and hacking together scripts best I could, and have loved being a co-organizer of R-ladies since 2018 fortifying my coding experience and meeting such accomplished scientists and programmers.

Sowmya Parthiban

Sowmya Parthiban | I am a Ph.D. student in Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. My interest lies in creating statistical methods and pipelines for long-read transcriptome sequencing and working with R forms an integral part of it. Being an R-Ladies co-organizer has helped me learn about more cool challenges that people in the local community and beyond solve using R.

Afrooz Razi

Afrooz Razi | Hi! I am a PhD candidate at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. My background is in biology and working in a wet lab. I remember how scary it was to begin learning R programming and to make that big change in my career path. I joined the R-Ladies Baltimore as a co-organizer in 2021 to encourage others who like me are now ready to make a change and learn more about R.

Alyssa Columbus

Alyssa Columbus | Welcome! I am a PhD Candidate in Biostatistics and Vivien Thomas Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In 2018, I founded R-Ladies Irvine, and since moving to Baltimore in 2022, I’ve been a co-organizer of R-Ladies Baltimore. I have a passion for supporting and empowering women with career interests in R programming and data science.