Introduction to R Package Development 2019

Motivation In this tutorial, you are going to create your own package using the usethis workflow R package. For our purposes, we are using the code provide on the usethis website and the blog from Emil Hvitfeldt. This package is great because it automates repetitive tasks that arise during project setup and development, both for R packages and non-package projects. Getting started with the usethis package Installation Install the released version of usethis from CRAN:

Introduction to tidyverse 2019

Motivation: Global Health and Economic Data Throughout this section we will be analyzing global health and economic data. We will be exploring one question: Is there a relationship between life expectancy and GDP per capita? We will use the data that has been organized and delivered in the gapminder package available in an R package from Jenny Bryan. To install the gapminder data set library(devtools) install_github("jennybc/gapminder") Loading data into R library(gapminder) Meet the gapminder data frame or “tibble” By loading the gapminder package, we now have access to a data frame by the same name.

Making Holiday Cards in R 2018

With the holiday season coming up, we want our first R-Ladies Baltimore coding project in R to be get into small groups and create holiday designs in R. Here are a few examples: Happy Holidays from Rafael Irizarry The main part of the code looks like this: N <- 120 par(bg="black") h <- rep(c(2:4,7),N/3) h[sample(N,N/5)] <- 0 plot((-2)^as.complex(seq(1,49,len=100)^0.5), pch=21,bg=h,xlab="", ylab="", xaxt="n",yaxt="n", cex=1.5) text(-25,50,"Happy Holidays!",cex=2,col=ifelse(h%%2,"white","black")) Make a Christmas Tree in R with random ornaments/presents # Make the canvas plot(1:10,1:10,xlim=c(-5,5),ylim=c(0,10),type="n",xlab="",ylab="",xaxt="n",yaxt="n") # Make the branches rect(-1,0,1,2,col="tan3",border="tan4",lwd=3) polygon(c(-5,0,5),c(2,4,2),col="palegreen3",border="palegreen4",lwd=3) polygon(c(-4,0,4),c(3.